Business Accounting

ATSS Boekhouding & Fiscaliteit [Accounting & Taxation] listens to your needs as an entrepreneur and looks for the simplest way to streamline your company management. Our goal is for you as an entrepreneur to focus on the growth of your company.

We examine which accounting system is best suited for your company, based on your needs. In addition to the ‘in-house accounting’, we offer an online accounting package for you to do your own accounting, so we make adjustments and improvements as needed.

We also advise and guide the internal accountants of larger companies on bookkeeping.

Some of the accounting services we provide are listed below:

  • Processing and/or auditing your accounting
  • Preparation of interim reports
  • Preparation and submission of annual accounts and reports
  • Evaluation and analysis of your results
  • Preparation and control of your VAT declaration
  • Preparation of the business plan and being informed about your financial situation during the financial year
  • Preparation of commercial plan